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The long
awaited book 
by Matt Archer DC


Demonstration of muscle testing breakthrough

Click play for an overview of muscle testing for insight into simple, effective solutions and exposing the blindspots of healthcare.


What's in the book

A breakthrough in manual muscle testing guides a healthcare protocol that is effective for restoring overall health. While not a means of treating disease, it is a system of diet, exercise, and simple nutritional supplements that removes obstacles to healing. The Protocol for Health describes the origin and implementation of seven main components that help to address most pain and disease.


  1. Most people have some form of chronic intestinal infection that can be resolved with twenty days of particular digestive enzymes. This applies to nearly everyone and underlies the most confounding health issues of our time as it resolves imbalance of the intestinal flora.

  2. Sensitivity to the four main subsidized foods in the U.S.—corn, soy, dairy and wheat—drive inflammation and can now be linked to specific patterns of weakness and pain. These sensitivities are much more common than most realize.

  3. Blood sugar instability can be resolved through frequent adequate protein and the moderation of caffeine consumption. This reduces the demand placed on the adrenal glands for cortisol, which has the primary purpose of raising blood sugar.

  4. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are universal. The power of simple food-based supplements is unrecognized. Strengthening stomach acid and utilizing zinc enables improved absorption and utilization of all nutrients—creating unprecedented results.

  5. Overconsumption of sugar and starch impacts everyone. Carbohydrate consumption has continued to increase since the advent of agriculture.  

  6. Lack of sustained walking exacerbates any condition. Humans walk less than ever. Forty minutes of continuous walking, most days of the week, strengthens the heart and lungs and the whole body.

  7. Long-standing injuries can finally heal with complementary manual therapies and the foundation laid from addressing the above conditions.


Learn how to implement these components of the Protocol for Health and why they are likely to be the missing links to your health.

Book Description
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This book is...

 An "easy read on how to heal our bodies. I've been following The Protocol for five weeks and I'm feeling so much better. Dr. Archer's simply explained suggestions are making a bigger difference and in quicker time!"

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