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20% discount for three or more, or 40% discount for eight or more copies.

The Protocol for Health (paperback) discount 20% for 3+ and 40% for 8+ copies

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  • The challenge for me is to help you understand how, working together with my patients, we consistently resolve or reduce symptoms, pain, and disease with a protocol comprised of surprisingly simple interconnected components. While some of these solutions may be familiar, they’re mostly novel in form but sensible in design. The components relating to the gut and lung microbiome offer lasting solutions to some of the most confounding and causative health issues of our time. The Protocol for Health is a whole system requiring effort and understanding. It’s not a miracle supplement, juice, diet, or other one-piece cure. It’s a comprehensive solution that addresses underlying causes of physical stress and creates conditions for healing and strengthening the body.

           Lifelong pain is occasionally cured by a kick from a horse. There are plenty of testimonials for horse-kicking and slipping on ice, as well as supplements, juice, diets, and procedures. While testimonials can be compelling, everything has the potential to create a miracle now and then. But will a therapy work for us, and how consistently effective is it? For those answers, ideally, we look to large, expensive studies, but until those are available, we have testimonials, compelling accounts, or we try it for ourselves.

           In at least the last six years since the Protocol for Health became defined, all of my adherent patients have resolved or significantly improved their conditions. But I wouldn’t have believed that statement several years earlier. Consistent success with the full spectrum of health conditions seemed impossible to my skeptical self. Perhaps this book will serve as a compelling account. Ideally, you’re reading now because of the success of someone you trust.

           Our success comes from a breakthrough technique that reveals clear information through the body and nervous system of any patient. With this approach, patterns of muscle weakness associated with internal health issues become obvious. These issues define seven common underlying causes of pain and disease not previously identified and addressed together. The Protocol for Health addresses all seven causes of disease and provides solutions that have proven to be effective in practice over many years. By applying the solutions to these seven issues, people heal.

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